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May 2018 will be a special month for Ukraine in general, and Kyiv in particular, because at this time the capital of Ukraine will host the Men's and Women's UEFA Champions League Finals, the most prestigious club competitions in Europe.

UEFA EURO 2012 Final has become a real impetus for the volunteer movement in Ukraine and has shown that there are many talented people open to new achievements and ready to present our country from the best perspectives.

Are you dreaming to be part of these great football celebrations?

Join the team of volunteers who will assist in organizing the final matches of the UEFA Champions League in Kyiv and get interesting personal and professional development, new friends and unique life experience!

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Access Management

The Access Management team will be responsible to oversee the overall access, both ingress and egress of people and vehicles at the stadium during the operational period.

The Access Management volunteers will play an integral role in the onsite implementation of a safe and secure environment by working with the onsite security team to validate entry processes.

In turn, the volunteers will be responsible for troubleshooting in key areas of the venue and will provide general way finding information to all target groups to ensure a smooth and timely ingress and egress of the stadium.


This project plans access to the stadium and areas within it for all working parties involved, such as referees, players, officials, media, volunteers, service providers, suppliers and sponsors.

Volunteers in the accreditation centre are the first point of contact.

They will welcome them and provide them with personalised access cards, which they will have produced.


The ceremonies project creates and implements ceremonies and entertainment programs at the stadium.

The objective is to create a safe and joyful atmosphere in the stadium and provide a memorable experience to the fans.

Volunteers assist with the pre-match ceremonies (entertainment of fans inside the stadium) and post-match ceremony (Trophy ceremony).

Champions Festival

For the week leading up to the Final, the UEFA Champions Festival is the focal point of UEFA’s promotional activities in the Host City.

It plays a key role in taking the UCL brand beyond its traditional audience and in enhancing the experience of the travelling fans and engaging the local and regional community.

Volunteers will support the festival team in all activities related to the set-up, implementation and running of the Champions Festival.

Commercial Operations

The Commercial Operations team's mission is to deliver and protect these rights at the stadium.

The objective is to successfully deliver all on-site sponsor rights to the highest standard.

Volunteers will support the Marketing Operations team by fulfilling office duties, monitoring the advertising-free zones and assisting sponsors with on-site activation programmes, including the Youth Programmes (Player Escorts, Flag bearers and match ball carriers).

Event Transport

Event transport is responsible for the planning and delivery of transport services.

Work in the transportation office/fleet compound or as coordinators/welcome personnel at airports, hotels and stadiums.

The aim is to help and support the customers and deliver a high-level transport service.


Hospitality Production with the support of various suppliers appointed for the event, coordinates and manages the development, implementation and delivery of all “on-site” hospitality programmes (e.g. VIP, Finalists, Sponsors and Corporates).

Hospitality production is responsible for delivering the relevant quality of hospitality and catering services to these target groups.

Volunteers will help with the organisational preparations and support the overall operation to ensure the best possible guest experience to the above defined populations.


Information & Communication Technology (ICT) delivers all communication and related services, as well as hardware and specialised solutions and applications.

ICT is responsible for the concept, setup, operations and change management for all deliverables within the ICT scope.

Volunteers in this sector will have a variety of tasks: IT service and support for match day operations, information desk and back office, venue set-up and operations, as well as insights into key areas of a complex organisation that most people never see.

Logistics Operations

Logistic Operations is dedicated to the set-up and pack-up of the venue being the first and last team onsite.

The volunteers will need to assist the Warehouse Manager in the preparation, organisation and delivery of a range of materials across the stadium and to other key areas in the city based on a schedule put together on site.

Marketing - Right Protection Programme (RPP)

Providing assistance to UEFA’s on-site RPP (brand protection) activities aiming at preventing unauthorised commercial activities (counterfeiting, ambush marketing and ticketing) around the UCLF.

Match Operations

A successful Match Operations project will contribute largely to the overall image of the competition and reflect positively on the quality of the football match.

The project’s main task is to organise the match and all services related to the sporting aspects to the highest international level and according to UEFA regulations.

Volunteers assist the match director with the preparation and running of each match, including the official training sessions the day before the match.

Media Operations

The Media Services and Operations (MOPS) project provides facilities, information and accreditation and booking services to the international media expected to cover UEFA Champions League Final.

MOPS also manages media access to the teams.

Volunteers will assist UEFA MOPS team onsite at media centre, media tribune, press conference room, mixed zone and pitch side positions, providing journalists, photographers and broadcasters with the best possible working conditions.

Technical Services

The Technical Services and Overlay project manages the planning, provision and implementation of services and temporary infrastructure as requested by internal and, to some extent, also external stakeholders to bridge the gap between the existing conditions at the venues and the greater requirements of a major sports event.

Volunteers will support the Technical Services Venue Supervisor within sub-projects related to power supply, water supply, temperature control, waste management, sound system and giant screens, venue TV/venue radio/frequencies, and temporary infrastructure.


Ticketing volunteers will assist the ticketing team at the stadium and at the Ticket Collection Point.

They are an essential part of the delivery of the ticketing project and will often be the first points of contact for ticket holders.

Ticketing volunteers will deal with any customer queries and provide customer services in accordance with the ticketing policy and help to enhance the customer experience for the event.

TV Production

The TV Operation team, provides and organize the best possible working conditions for the Broadcasters and Host Broadcaster. Volunteers in this area will assist the Production Manager for all logistic matters.

Venue Management

Volunteer will support the organisation of the finals and the Venue Management team by executing a wide array of services at venue offices and Host Broadcast offices and compounds, including various organisational and administrative tasks.

VIP Services

VIP services are responsible for guest management, welcome services and protocol matters for the VIP guests attending the match. Guest management operations are carried out at airports, hotels and stadiums, where national and international guests from the world of sports and politics will be welcomed.

Volunteer Management

All volunteer-related activities will be planned and implemented by the Volunteer Management department. This sector will look after the volunteers and ensure that everything runs smoothly. It will also deal with training, job allocation, the volunteer centre, catering and the volunteer culture.

Social Responsibility / Sustainability

The social responsibility / sustainability project concentrates on social, environmental and economic priorities, and in particular on promoting a healthy lifestyle by implementing a no-smoking policy within stadiums and on improving the accessibility of stadiums for disabled spectators.

Volunteers in this area will provide assistance to disabled spectators, support audio-descriptive commentary services and inform spectators, staff and volunteers, of the stadium’s no-tobacco (no-smoking) policy.

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Selection Stages
Application period
Nov 2017 Jan 2018
Jan 2018 Feb 2018
Roles assignment
Mar 2018 Apr 2018
Apr 2018
Operational Phase
May 2018

Success stories

Andrii Bindyk
Andrii Bindyk, 30
Stade de France (Saint-Denis) EURO 2016, Ticketing team

It was an unforgettable experience and a chance for me to become an essential part of EURO - 2016. Working as a part of Ticketing team I had a chance to communicate with people from all over the world trying to solve different issues. Another exciting moment was a chance to work in an international environment as there were volunteers from different parts of the world, from Colombia to China. I made a lot of friends and we continue being in touch even after the tournament.

We agreed to meet on other major sport events in the future. I will never forget the emotions I received from watching the final being right on the stadium. Now I did not want the championship to end. I also had a chance to see how such tournament is organized from inside and it was quite exciting to see such legends of football. I have learned that helping others brings joy and happiness. It expanded my horizons and made me more confident and stress-resistant.

Anastasiia Fomina
Anastasiia Fomina, 28
EURO 2012 Kyiv, Media Operation and Services Team

My volunteering during EURO 2012 at Kyiv Media Operation and Services Team was truly once in a lifetime experience. Being a big sport fan, going behind the scenes of such a huge sport event was a dream come true for me. Until taking part at match organization in person, one can barely imagine how many people and effort are involved to bring joy of football match to audience.

Every person is enriched by friends and colleagues. Owing to my volunteering during the EURO 2012, I learned how to grow and develop myself with the people whom I have met during this event. For me, the main lesson learnt, is the importance of people who surround you in your day-to-day life and that only a team work will help you through your ups and downs. My volunteering experience was a great push for my career. Shortly after EURO 2012 I have received numerous job offers from leading Ukrainian companies. During one of the job interviews, at the company that later became my working place, my supervisor was so impressed by my volunteering experience; stating they can trust a person who took part as a volunteer at such big event.

Mariia Ktitorova
Mariia Ktitorova, 29
Kyiv, Ukraine; EURO 2012, Ticketing Team

First volunteering experience was truly magical. I could not imagine that volunteers will have so many important tasks and responsibilities. We did stadium checks, did customer service and worked with access control and stadium security for matches in Kyiv during EURO 2012.

Because I was working so many shifts - I became close friends with the management, and we still have very heartwarming friendship. I have learned a great deal about event organization and sports management in different countries. I have learned that volunteer team is an essential part of event organization and without them some everyday tasks simply could not be completed.

Personally, for me it gave me so much unique experience that I have managed to get a job of my dreams in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It also gave me lots of confidence to leave my comfort zone and go on one-year travel.



Who are the volunteers?
Highly motivated people with a great wish to help and succeed who will assist in organizing Men’s and Women’s UEFA Champions League Finals in Kyiv 2018.
How many volunteers do we need?
550 volunteers for Men’s and Women’s UEFA Champions League Finals.
When will volunteers be required?
The 2018 UEFA Women’s Champions League Final will be held on the 24th May 2018 and the 2018 UEFA Men’s Champions League Final will be held on the 26th May 2018. Volunteers will be required for both Finals with some roles required up to 15 days before competition dates.
How can I become a volunteer and what is criteria?
The applicants have to meet main criteria: age over 18, strong language skills (Ukrainian and English), high motivation and availability to be engaged on the assigned dates. They can apply via the online application form here:
Do I need to have experience in volunteering?
No, anyone can apply to volunteer, even if this would be the first time
What role will I receive in the competition?
Each applicant may indicate his preferred areas of activity in the application form. His final assignment to a specific area will be chosen after interview.
Which cities will interviews take place in?
Kyiv, Ukraine.
Will I be able to be involved in both finals?
Yes, there is an opportunity to be involved in both finals according to the availability.
Are volunteers provided with accommodation?
We are unable to provide any accommodation for Volunteers, but we will gladly recommend places to stay.
Can people from other countries become volunteers at the final competitions in Kyiv?
Yes, the Volunteer Programme is open to the world, if the candidates meet the criteria.
Will I be given a uniform?
Yes, each volunteer will be provided with an Adidas uniform according to the size provided in the application form.
Will I receive training ahead of both finals?
All successful volunteers will be provided with the relevant general and role specific training which will enable them to fulfill their role.
Will I be provided with food?
Yes, volunteers will receive meal vouchers and will have access to the Volunteer Center with snacks and soft drinks during their shifts.
Will I get a ticket for the final matches?
Volunteers are not provided with match tickets for the final games. Their main priority will be to fulfill the role they will have been appointed to.

Location of stadiums

UEFA Women's
May, 24
Valeriy Lobanovskyi Stadium
3 Hrushevskyy str., Kyiv
May, 26
NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium
55 Velyka Vasylkivska str., Kyiv

UEFA Champions League Official Sponsors


Football Federation of Ukraine
Laboratorny lane, 7A Kyiv, 02000